NOOO!!!!  Not my O!

NOOO!!!! Not my O!

Okay, okay.  I know you are expecting another brain-dead response to Go_gle’s recent doodle.  However, I am sick of it and I want to debunk several of the pages that say they have solved the mystery.  Here are a few interesting events:

  1. Go_gle posted “1.12.12 15 1.18.5 20.15 21.19″ on its Twitter Page.  It is a straight alpha-numeric transliteration meaning, A=1, B=2, etc and making it stand for: “All Your O Are Belong To Us”.
  2. The Go_gle logo file has been renamed with a missing O.  The actual file path is:
  3. The UFO is abducting the O.  The filename and the twitter post confirm there is something special about the O or about it going missing.
  4. Gogle according to the urban dictionary: a group of people awkwardly waiting for something to happen; usually unfamiliar with each other; a pre-icebreaker group
  5. Go_gle has gone to great lengths to make this work in many countries.  However, not all have had their logo’s changed.  For instance, the Spain (although Spanish speaking Latin American countries have) and India Go_gle Search pages have not been changed.
    1. Russian Go_gle Page.  Search Term: необъяснимые явления
    2. Germany Go_gle Page.  Search Term: Rätselhaftes Phänomen
    3. Mexico Go_gle Page.  Search Term: fenómenos inexplicables
    4. Netherlands Go_gle Page. Search Term: onverklaarbare verschijning
    5. Hungary Go_gle Page. Search Term: megmagyarázhatatlan rejtélyek
    6. Italy Go_gle Page. Search Term: misteri inspiegabili
  6. As the 6th of September comes to countries, Go_gle is pulling the logo.  So, there is something specific with the 5th.

Here are some of the rumors that people are spreading.  Of course, I have no proof… Only common sense.

  • Reference to UFO Festival in Exeter, NH — Nope.  Why would Go_gle change the logo all across the world?  It is out of character for Go_gle to link to such an obscure search phrase.  Also, the Exeter incident happened in the weeks leading up to Sept 3rd, 1965.
  • Reference to Voyager I (Sept 5, 1977) — Nope.  Although probably the most relevant space/UFO event relating to Sept 5th, Go_gle would probably just use the search phrase: Voyager Spacecraft.
  • Maiden return landing of Space Shuttle Discovery (Sept 5, 1984) — Nope.  Once again, when Go_gle marks important events for mankind, they are more specific with their search phrase.
  • Japan’s New Prime Minister’s Wife Visits Venus — Nope.  I really doubt Go_gle wants to make a statement that could be viewed as politically motivated or could look like Go_gle is poking fun at a foreign dignitary.  It just doesn’t make sense for Go_gle to do this.  Plus, the Japan Go_gle Search Page doesn’t show the logo.
  • British Release of “District 9” — Nope.  Doesn’t really make sense.  The rest of the world has been able to watch “District 9″ for a couple weeks.  And again, the logo has been changed across the world.
  • NEW: Star Trek Anniversary — Nope. has a story that explains it might be related to Star Trek’s first airing.  Of course, that was on Sept 8th, 1966, not the 5th.  And, as one commenter pointed out, they would have used a logo of the Enterprise if that was the case.  Silly people…
  • NEW: unexplained -scam- — Nope.  It sure didn’t take long for a scam to show up.  Idea!  Go_gle creates mystery on intertubes pointing to “unexplained phenomenon”…  Buy domain name unexplainedphenomenon dot org…  Put up picture of egg with light beams coming out… profit!!!  Clever, annoying, and I’m sure some “believers” will fall for it…  Sad state of affairs…
  • NEW: Zero Wing 20 year anniversary — Nope.  The Telegraph claims, and is wrong, that this solves the mystery.  The Telegraph points to this wikipedia article.  However, if you look at the revision history, the date “September 5th, 1989″ was added only yesterday.  Silly newspapers.  You think they would stop trusting everything they read on Wikipedia w/o a little research.  Wikipedia Zero Wing Articles: Before 9/5/2009; On/After 9/5/2009.

Any other ridiculous, nefarious schemes floating around the interwebs?  If so, let me know.  I’m sure their flaws will be just as easy to point out.  Most likely, this is one of two things: Something related to an internal event at Go_gle or a way to build hype regarding a new product.  Of course, my speculation is just as unfounded as the other yahoos out there…